ReMo offer
Organizational development and reorganization based on potentials.

Reorganizations, mergers, too fast and too slow growth of organizations are often linked with demotivation of the employees. This demotivation points at an underlying lack of strategy and structure.

Organizational development is succeeding when the employees are taking part from the start. For this ReMo has developed a system (see article Identification) that in four, clearly goal oriented steps can be implemented, and this in a successguaranteed way:

  1. Vision/Mission workshop with 3 I concept. In a two to three days workshop with the topmanagement the following questions will be answered:
    Which are the objectives and the basis for the planned organizationaldevelopment?
    How should the future organizational identity-culture look?
    What parts of the actual identity should be maintained?
    In what timeline should the change be carried out?
    According to which keyfigures will the success of the change be measured?
  2. An analysis of potentialfactors of the present organizational identity will be measured, via a survey which is fast to organize and implement. This software tool is developed by ReMo, thoroughly tested and sheltered. It identifies the factors for employee motivation that have been most effective up to date.
    Ignoring these factors in organizational changes has in the past among other things led to that estimated 80% of all mergers did not reach their goals.
    The potentialanalysis is listing the factors that are always closely linked to the identity of the company and the valueorientation these contain.
  3. Vision, mission and potentialfactors will be put together to a projectmanagement design in a second workshop with the topmanagement team. Milestones will be identified and success measurement criteria decided.
  4. The decided changes will be carried out. By request the changeprocess also can be accompanied and steered by ReMo, (all ReMo consultants have long experience of working with organizationaldevelopment.) After the changesteps the defined keyfigures of success will be measured and evaluated via a second survey.
We would be happy to present the concept , backed up by successful examples, personally to you.

This presentation would be free of charge.